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Snake Medicine Retreats


EROS UNBOUND-  Snake Medicine for our Times

an intimate Beltane retreat to celebrate & reclaim our unique expression of Eros 


with Eva Weaver & Bayari Lou Beegan


4-day immersive Retreat

29th of April to 2nd of May 2022 

at Phoenix Nest, Saltdean near Brighton, UK

Immerse in Snake Medicine this Beltane and reclaim & celebrate your magic &
expression of Eros!

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 Do you want to celebrate your expression of Eros and discover Snake Medicine this Beltane

Click Here  to book and find out more 


Eros is life force energy and, like creativity, our birthright.

On this immersion we give space to ignite, reclaim and celebrate Eros to bring joy, pleasure and vitality to our lives- whether you are single or in partnership(s).

Maybe Eros is in full flow for you, or it has been laying dormant for a while- or even a long time.

Whatever place you find yourself in, you are so welcome to join us on this retreat to harness the potency of snake medicine & Eros in this time of spring.

We will be working with powerful tools, snake medicine and the energies of Beltane, awakening and igniting eros in our lives...


Weaving with our Kundalini, tapping into our coiled energy and encouraging it to unfurl. Breathwork, conscious kink and shamanic journeying are part of the toolkit- what has been bound, we can gently unwind and unbind…

Beltane is a fire festival and we will work with the energy of fire in lots of exciting ways, including fire rituals to ignite eros.

Taking inspiration from mythology, psychology and Tarot we explore erotic archetypes that might have a significance in your life- imagine getting your Medusa on, or your Sacred Slut/ Temple Whore, Siren, Horned God, Femme Fatale, Hermaphroditus, Lilith...

Will co-create a tailored ritual, plus we'll have an evening of Beltane fire ceremony and celebration, rounding off with feasting and toasting with mead.

‘Now you are stirring,
you are moving underneath my skin,
a murmur rushing in on my breath, gathering momentum,
awakening yourself through my body and through loving mirrors around me'

from'Stirring', poem by Eva


What is a Snake Medicine Retreat?

The immersion will include elements of

  • Breathwork for cleansing, aliveness & vision

  • Connecting with Sea Medicine- harness the power and healing of the sea- whether you’re swimming or not

  • Beltane Shamanic Fire Ritual of cleansing, renewal & transformation

  • Erotic Archetype work- a fun, playful & deep way to connect with an archetype to support your unique expression of eros

  • Awakening the Senses Ritual- a playful way to drop deep into your body and sensuality

  • Retrieving your Magic- reclaim & celebrate your aliveness & eros with a powerful co-created ritual, individually individual or you.

The snake is a powerful symbol of sexuality, renewal, vitality and health, and snake medicine speaks volumes about our primal ability to heal, renew and restore.
From these master teachers, we can learn how to shed old layers, outworn beliefs, patterns, trauma and ways of being:


“Shed what no longer serves you,
and receive the goodness that is aching to find you…”

What is it
Beltane Snake Medicine - LHS.jpg

Why Snake Medicine?


During the retreat, we’ll connect with the magic of snake medicine through many forms including movement, breathwork, shamanic journeying, a fire ritual plus temple and Beltane-inspired practises.


There is also time to rest and restore energy – with the sea close by, sauna and sacred fire. There’s delicious food and brews throughout for deep nourishment.


Each person will receive a tailored ritual, envisioned and inspired by an inner journey and supported by the energy field of the group.

It can comprise of potent tools such as a fire massage, needle ritual, affirming touch and we will work closely with Eva’s Royal Python Syd.

As we are a small group of four participants and us, we can hone in on what’s needed for each one, as we usher in reclamation & celebration at this potent Beltane time.
The teachings of the
snake priestess temples of ancient Greece are the backbone of this deep work.

Eva and Bayari bring their combined love of snakes and The Temple, plus their skills, knowledge, holding and magic to this special retreat. Join in the magic and mystery and celebrate your Eros.

We cannot wait to share this unique offering with you!

Why SM
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'It was medicine for my soul and just what I needed. I got my sexy magic back! Thank you!‘  Lucy Rowett, CSC CS ACS She/Her participant of Enter the Mystery, snake Medicine of our times 2021 


How it Works


What can you expect from our retreat?
The retreat will give you time, space and offerings which support you restore your energy and transform what no longer serves you, so you can leave renewed and refreshed.

‘Eros Unbound’ is a deeply personal journey, yet the group will support each journey.
Also expect a smorgasbord of delights, laughter, plus local walks in the gentle hills and invigorating sea swim!(s) and/or splashing!


Retreat Essentials

This is a fully residential retreat held at Eva’s vibrant

welcoming home, Phoenix Nest.

There’s a dedicated temple space in a cosy cabin

at the bottom of the garden.
Located in Saltdean, a coastal village near Brighton,



The cost is £777. This covers all teachings,

accommodation, plus delicious vegetarian

home-cooked food, drinks (alcohol-free space),

plus snacks. Deposit is £111 to secure your place.
Payment plans are available. Please enquire. 

(deposit is non-refundable, but transferrable to another retreat or workshop)


Four days/three nights immersive retreat- offering us four spacious days together to drop in deeply, including sacred pauses for rest. Arrive Friday 29th of April afternoon at 3pm
Monday 2nd of May at 2.30pm


Cosy, inviting spaces to stay either in private bedrooms in the house or Eva’s writing cabin. You can see some rooms HERE
We have only four residential places for this special retreat, so if you feel called,
please contact us soon!

Unfortunately Phoenix Nest is not wheelchair accessible.
If you have any question about the suitability of the retreat, please ask, we are very happy to answer any questions.

How it works

Snake medicine is for you if you’d love to:

  • Learn to live more cyclically and honour the seasons

  • Become aware of and face your fears

  • if you want to connect with your erotic life force and creativity

  • Receive support at a significant time, such as beginnings and endings of relationships, illness, menopause etc

  • Live in presence. Become fully present with what is

  • Lean into rest rather than stay in fixing & doing mode

  • Slow down, prepare for ‘Wintering’, appreciating digesting & restoration

  • Connect with your creativity, life force energy and ecstatic nature

  • Discover what truly resources you

  • Tap into the mystery of life and the mystery of your own, individual journey

Snake and woman.png

The retreat is for anyone who feels called to go on this deep journey of reclamation, transformation, renewal and celebration. All genders, sexualities, ages (18+) and backgrounds are welcome.

Bayari and I .jpg
'Eva & Bayari combine to work their magic in wonderful alchemy. They have a huge breadth of knowledge & experience and hold space with skill and compassion.' 

Participant Snake Medicine retreat 2021


Such gentle, powerful holding ritual and teachings. 

Phoenix Nest is a magical, nurturing retreat.

I have greatly enjoyed entering into the mystery and transformation here.‘

Gemma Lock, Therapist & Artist ,participant ‘Enter the Mystery, Snake Medicine Retreat October 2021 

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It was medicine for my soul and just what I needed. I got my sexy magic back! Thank you!

Lucy Rowett CSC CS ACS She/Her participant of Enter the Mystery, snake Medicine of our times 2021 

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