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Terms & Conditions

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* About Payment plans:
I offer payment plans for folks who cannot pay the full fee in one instalment. 

I do not charge/ add on any extra percent interest for this as I don’t believe in penalising for this. 

Payment plans are based on agreement, trust and integrity. 

All pre-agreed payment plans need to be honoured!


* WRITING FROM THE BODY 12-week programme, Back to Sex 12-week programme, other courses, Immersions & Retreats:

* If I need to cancel  the programme for any reason, I will notify you immediately and you will receive a full refund.

* If you paid a deposit for a 12-week programme and decide not to attend up to 6 weeks before the start of the programme, no monetary refund can be given but you can transfer to another course within 6 months. 

*If you paid a deposit and decided not to attend a month or less before the start, no refund or transfer. 


* If you cancel up to two month before the start of the retreat, immersion, or 12-week programme or workshop, you receive a full refund. 

* If you cancel up to one month before the start of the course/workshop, you can either receive 50% of the course/workshop/retreat fee,  transfer your place to someone else or attend another workshop yourself within a year. (admin fee of £50 applies) 


* If you cancel less than a month before the start of the Writing from the Body course I can only offer you to transfer to a different one within a six month period or for someone else to attend in your place (see above). 
I run my 12-week programmes twice a year in spring and autumn , usually April & October


* If you cancel a retreat or immersion at Phoenix Nest less than a month before, I can offer you a transfer to a different retreat, but no monetary refund. I have openings several weeks per year for Phoenix Nest immersions and retreats. 

* If you cancel a retreat less than a week before, I can only refund £100. 


* Please note that no refund can be given once the course/workshop or retreat has started and all payment plans need to be honoured. It is your responsibility to pay in time. 

* WILD WRITE COACHING & BACK TO SEX 1:1  Coaching Programmes: 

* If you cancel a session of your Wild Write or Back to Sex coaching programme 

2+ days in advance, we can re-schedule to the next available slot.


* If cancelled  less than in advance, a charge of £50 applies. 

* Cancellation of less than 24hours ,no refund can be given and you lose the session from your bundle, unless in exceptional circumstances. 

* If I need to cancel a session for any reason, I will notify you as soon as possible and will reschedule your session.

For any questions, you can email me directly at

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