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If you would like to know more about my journey and trainings in the field of Conscious sexuality, consent, shamanism, breathwork and Art Psychotherapy: 

* ’Like a Pro’ - Betty Martin Wheel of Consent weeklong training, Vienna 2019


* Somatic Sex Education & Sexological Bodywork training April- Sept 2017 with Caffyn Jesse, Captain Snowdon and Corinne Diachuck, Canada  Somatic Sex Educators Association, Canada SSEA


* ’Temple Whore conscious Kink training with Seani Love, Prague, Oct 2017

* ’Shadow Tantra and Conscious Kink’ with Seani Love,  London Nov 2016


* Urban Tantra® professional training with Barbara Carrellas, London (repeat ,assistance)


* ’Sacred Kink Initiatory Intensive’ weeklong course with Lee Harrington, London; Feb 2015

* ’Path of the Erotic Explorer’ two X week-long courses with Seani Love and Rebecca Lowrie, the School of Erotic Mysteries; 2014

* ISTA (Institute for Temple Arts) Level 1 training, Austria, with Elaine Young August 2016 


* Betty Martin, Wheel of Consent and Erotic Massage with SeaSchool of Embodiment Dawlish, UK Summer 2015


* Level 2 Shakti Tantra course with Sue Newcombe from Shakti Tantra  (Women’s Initiation), October 2015

* Urban Tantra® professional training course with Barbara Carrellas, London; May 2014  weeklong, non residential

* Rebirthing Breathwork Training with Peggy Dylan, Sundoor school of Transpersonal Education 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018

  • Trainings in Core Shamanism (Soul Retrieval, Healing, Shamanic Counselling- 2000- 2020
    with the Scandinavian Centre for shamanic Studies Jonathan Horwitz and others;


* Firewalk Instructor training with Peggy Dylan of Sundoor- School of Transpersonal Education;(


* Creativity Coaching Certification Training with the  American Creativity Coaching Association  and Eric Maisel  2008 onwards


* Postgrad Dip. in  Art Psychotherapy 1995-97 Goldsmiths College, London

"Eva has a great understanding of life and sex. She used this breadth of knowledge to help me to take action to improve my life both generally and sexually. " 


"Eva works in an incredibly supportive manner employing powerful techniques to provide a safe space for deep exploration. She also does it with a light touch, sensitivity and compassion. I felt a new experience with my sexuality. Thank you for a life affirming experience! "  

Jon Stein, aka Pricilla

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‘Diving into the deep layers of consciousness of my genitals, into layers of collective experience and shame was a really powerful, creative and joyful experience as well as an emotional one. There was such tranquility in non-judgmental sensing, watching and listening that touched my deep desire for profound respect and appreciation.’

Sara Ablinger, ‘Genitals! workshop 

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