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Writing from the Body

a powerful 12-week online writing adventure!
starts 10th of October 2023

  12-week Autumn Writing from the Body Programme
starts Tuesdays 6.30-8.30pm UK time 


WHEN: Tuesday evenings 6.30-8.30pm UK time from 10th of October 2023. For time converter click HERE

WHERE: Online, Zoom

WHAT: We will tap into the stories of our bodies and write about what we find there. You will learn potent, innovative tools to unlock your creativity, release resistance & find your unique, authentic voice.

WHO: Eva Weaver, Creative Embodiment Coach & Author of 'The Puppet Boy of Warsaw' & 'The Eye of the Reindeer'

WHY: Writing from the Body is a powerful approach and methodology that can revolutionise your writing and how you relate to yourself!
If you want to write from a more embodied place, join us!


Want to discuss the course in more detail?

Register for a FREE (or donation) Intro to Writing from the Body

DATES: 19th of July, 22nd of August, 5th &19th of Sept,  all 7-8.15 UK time 

  • Writing from the Body offers a treasure trove of tools to show you ways to still your mind, address procrastination and creative blocks, spark the beginning of a project and support you through to completion. Learn how to bring consciousness to the body and use tools to drop into the present moment; a powerful antidote to mental blocks and resistance.

  • The exercises will create spaciousness by releasing stagnant energy and emotions through the body. They include: writing from movement, tuning into the senses, breathwork as a gateway to creative writing & wellbeing, writing from inner body journeys and listening deeply to the body’s voice, and writing inspired by prompts & engaging with our eroticism and pleasure.

  • Writing from the Body also offers exciting ways to investigate and express aspects of identity: gender, sexuality, race &culture, to support recovery, healing and resilience and to find an empowered, expressed voice. 

  • Writing that emerges from such an embodied place is often more vibrant, authentic, visceral and original. New inspiration that is rooted in sensory detail and breath and the stories our bodies are sharing with us in expanded & wild ways. As we as we inhabit our bodies more and get comfortable in our skin, so are we!

  • We will explore how to cultivate permission, kindness, self-compassion, and gentleness alongside commitment and discipline. You will learn about nervous system patterns and your individual responses, and find effective ways to self-regulate and deal with anxieties that can arise on the writer’s path.

  • Writing from the Body can also be a lot of fun and a supportive and bonding experience, as we take it with a group of fellow explorers. In camaraderie and solidarity, we counter isolation, fears of ridicule, criticism and feeling of ‘not being good enough’ .

"Write your self. Your body must be heard."  Helen Cixous  

Writing from the Body is a potent experiential 12-week programme.


Guiding you deep into the body and into your own wild creativity, you will learn  powerful methods for original writing and to free your voice. Writing can be an alchemical, revolutionary force for change, personally and collectively.

Whether you are a seasoned writer, interested in embodiment or someone who always wanted to start to write - if you have a desire to write and an interest in embodiment, Writing from the Body is for you!

Writing from the Body offers you exciting entryways to embodied writing, such as through deep inner listening, breathwork, exercises in nervous system regulation, movement, and many others tools. You will excavate the stories held and hidden in your body, learn to listen to the voice and wisdom of your body and write authentically.


When we foster ways to connect with the body - compassionately and in consistent, sustainable & doable steps- and listen to what it has to tell us, we can tap into the huge reservoir of resources, stories, ideas, wisdom strength & resilience that the body truly is.


The course is limited to 12 participants. No experience in creative writing or embodiment practices necessary, only curiosity and a willingness to experiment.

I would love you to join us on this journey! 

What is it?

Book your spot on this 12-week programme now

(payment plans available)

Anyone. All ages, all genders, and all abilities.

Some reasons you might join Writing from the Body:

  • You are interested in your connection with your body and how you express yourself creatively. You would like to feel more empowered and alive, tapping into your passion and the wisdom of your body. 

  • You want to feel more grounded and connected to your body and make steps to heal disassociation or just get to know yourself better through cultivating a connection to your body and to your writing.

  • You have always dabbled with the idea of writing and know you have a story to tell, but never quite had the confidence to begin. You seek inspiration and have a desire to explore writing in innovative and adventurous ways.

  • You are already engaged in a project and want to work more deeply, applying this exciting methodology to your project. You want to get out of your head and write from an embodied, visceral place; unblocking your creativity and addressing resistance and challenges such as writer’s block or procrastinating. 

  • You want to investigate and express aspects of your personal identity such as cultural and racial identity, sexual orientation or gender identity, in empowering and creative ways.

  • You feel isolated as a writer and would like to learn new approaches within a community of fellow explorers. Or you are a creative who wants to learn a new methodology to create material for creative projects such as performances, theatre pieces​.​

  • Your writing feels stale and you would like to bring more authentic expression to your creativity and re-wild your writing. You want to become more productive and resilient to inner and outer criticism.


  • You are looking for greater well-being through self-expression & embodiment.

Writing from the Body can be an excellent methodology for:

  • Writers of all kinds: academics, fiction- & non-fiction writers, poets, memoir writers who want to access personal material 

  • Creative writing students and tutors

  • People who use writing as a healing practice and to support their mental health

  • Blocked writers & those seeking new inspiration

  • Embodiment professionals & students of massage, Five Rhythms, yoga, martial arts, movement practices, dance  

  • Counsellors, arts therapists, psychotherapists or those in training 

  • Health and mental health professionals

  • Creative professionals of all kinds

  • Other creatives who want to generate material such as theatre professionals, screen writers, performers, performance art & theatre students

Who is Eva Weaver?

I believe passionately in the healing power and birthright to creativity. I’ve been interested in the connection between our bodies and how we express ourselves creatively for a very long time. 


My intention is always to support people to feel more empowered and alive and I bring my heart, passion and wisdom from my own healing journey and my experiences as a performance artist, writer, art therapist, bodyworker & creativity coach to my work and offerings.

This informs Writing from the Body, as well as my experiences in the area of embodiment with trainings in breathwork, Urban Tantra, Somatic Sex Education and Sexological bodywork. 

lovely pic of me  copy_edited_edited.jpg

I love coaching writers and facilitating creative spaces, such as my WILD WRITE and WRITING FROM THE BODY programmes, building nourishing communities and supporting people in their unique creative expression.

I have developed and worked with the methodology of Writing from the Body over many years. My varied professions and life experience have inspired many of the tools, having worked for ten years as an art psychotherapist in the area of adult mental health, as well as my work as a writing coach, breathwork facilitator, sex coach and bodyworker. 

My interest and engagement in shamanism, tantra and transformational empowerment practices such as firewalking also informs my writing.

Writing is my passion and my main creative expression. I have written creatively all of my life and have published two historic novels :’The Puppet Boy of Warsaw’ (2013) which has been translated into 13 languages, and ‘The Eye of the Reindeer’ (2016) . I am currently working on an erotic novel ‘The Upholsterer’s Game’ and a poetry collection ‘Firewolf and Gazelle’. 

unnamed copy.jpg

I feel the beauty of ‘Writing from the Body’, and the methodology it offers, is that it holds both the universality of us as humans who have an embodied experience in this life, because all humans live in and with a body, as well as our unique differences. 


For example, I am living and writing from a white body and this experience is vastly different to the experience of a person of colour, given the society we live in. That I am able-bodied and cis-gender also shapes my experience and adds to my privilege.

Writing from the Body can allow us to create dialogue about shared and different experiences and help us explore issues around health, sexuality, gender identity, race and cultural identity in deep and creative ways. It can also support us to face, listen to and dismantle shame. It is inherently empowering.

Listening to my body I can hear my body’s stories and the stories of my ancestors. To let those stories flow onto the page means they become mirrored back to me and can be witnessed by myself and also be shared.  

When we do this work in a workshop context, we can not only find refuge in our own writing and on the page, but also in the community of fellow explorers.

Who is it for?
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feet copy.jpg

Want to discuss the course in more detail?

Register for a FREE (or donation) Intro to Writing from the Body

DATES: 19th of July, 22nd of August, 5th &19th of Sept,  all 7-8.15pm UK time  

  • The cost for the 12-week Writing from the Body programme is £888.
    This includes:
    * 12x 2-hour live zoom calls
    * all extensive course material
    * one coaching session with Eva
    * the possibility to repeat the course (for a fee of £150 which includes another coaching session and admin fee)

    You can book your place with a non-refundable but course-transferable £111. Up to 6-months payment plans and one subsidised place are available. Contact me  or register for the FREE introduction to discuss pricing.

  • Each of the 12, weekly 2-hour online live sessions, is self contained and introduces specific embodiment and creativity tools as entryways to embodied writing. The exercises will be recorded, so if you miss a session you can catch up in your own time and you will be sent video & audio recordings after each session, which you can download and keep forever. 

  • You will receive handouts, the ‘Writing from the Body Handbook’ and videos in addition to the live sessions. These complement the programme, but are not a pre-requisite to watch or read before in order to fully participate in the live sessions. This means, if you have only time to show up for the live session you still get the full benefit! 

  • The 12-week programme includes a personal one hour coaching session with Eva. You can take this anytime during the course and up to one month afterwards and use it however you like, such as to talk about a writing project, how to begin, any aspect of writing or to process anything that has come up for you in the course.

  • You are welcome to bring a project you are working on at the moment to the programme. You can apply the tools and methodologies you are learning straight away and generate new material in the sessions. Equally, you don’t have to have a project on the go, but just show up. 

  • The course is trauma informed – you will be encouraged to feel into what is doable for you and go at your own pace, exploring your personal edge and ‘learning zone’. All exercises can be adapted to different abilities and any stages of a writing project. I encourage you to play with the tools, practices and exercises and make them your own.

  • You will be offered homework/play in between sessions. It’s completely up to you whether you would like to engage with it. If you like, you can pair up or join a small ally/accountability group that can check in in between sessions.

  • You have access to a private Facebook group throughout the programme and a Writing from the Body Community group afterwards.

"We store memories in our bodies. We store passion and heartache.We store joy, moments of transcendent peace. If we are to access these, if we are to move into them and through them, we must enter our bodies to do so."

Julia Cameron ‘The Artist’s Way’

About writing in Community

Being in community is an important part of the Writing from the Body experience, supportive communities nourish and support us. Many writers suffer from a sense of isolation and, contrary to the myth of the lonely writer, this programme will show you that powerful, deep and original writing can absolutely happen in community.

For this reason, Writing from the Body is kept to an intimate group of 12 companions.


Community creates camaraderie and accountability, which in turn supports us when we work on our own. In this powerful cauldron we learn from one another and experience that we are not alone, but part of a rich fabric of fellow writers, all on their journey as embodied, creative beings. 

I would love to welcome you to our WRITING FROM THE BODY COMMUNITY!

How does it work?

Book your spot on this 12-week programme now with a deposit or full payment

(up to 6-months payment plans available)

Each module is one 2-hour live zoom session each week plus optional activities in-between.

Session detail is subject to change

Course outline

Want to discuss the course in more detail?

Register for a FREE (or donation) Intro to Writing from the Body

DATES: 19th of July, 22nd of August, 5th &19th of Sept,  all 7-8.15pm UK time 

"We do not write from our minds alone- this is the treasure I took from Eva’s fierce and powerful workshop. In an atmosphere of trust, she showed us how to unlock the body’s memory and wisdom – not only as a source of creativity but also as a source of healing. Thank you for this journey!" 

Johanna Kompbacher, Vienna

"Thank you so much for writing from the body and for guiding us with the intelligence of the body. What came up for me blew my mind: my body spoke." 


"I highly recommend this course- it was such a helpful space over the last months of lockdowns to have this creative process with the body. Especially in these times with so much uncertainty and nervous system dis-regulation, having a creative process with your own body in the here and now, is priceless and so needed. 


It is such a miracle how through creative writing a part of you talks back to you, sharing insights and wisdom and you think “ha, where did that come from?” 


Eva´s work is trauma informed and queer- among many other things- and she has created a space where you can dive deep if you want to- without being pushed to do that. Your authentic choices and processes are always treasured here. Yet, Eva always brings in amazing ways to help you go into dialogue with the body. With that it’s an ideal space for people who are new to this approach as well as people who create regularly and are familiar with bodywork."

Sara Ablinger, Coach & Bodyworker ‘Big Body Love’

IMG_8051 copy.JPG

"This workshop gave me so much; new ways to connect to my writing, deeper characterisation, and scenes magically unfolded. Yet, I received more than that, an understanding of how our stories are in our bodies, and though Eva’s gentle, warm and nurturing facilitation, I also had some incredible healing shifts for my personal life.
Highly recommended

Kate Marillat, bestselling Author of ‘Transform your Beliefs, Transform your Life.’

"Eva’s Writing from the Body workshop, that could easily be called ‘writing from, through and beyond the body’- gradually takes you deep inside, quite effortlessly and much deeper then you realise, thanks to her gentle ways and playful strategies.

I have found it inspiring and nourishing and went away with lots of food for thought, snippets of good writing to develop as well as a palette of techniques to continue playing with." 

Emmanuelle Waeckerle

"The workshop was a playful way to process deeply and find entry points into creative flow. Assisted Embodied Souldiving!" 


"A unique set of powerful tools to take me into a writing process, from deeply felt, often surprising places."


"Attending Eva’s brilliant ‘Writing from the Body ‘workshop during the summer certainly reignited my passion for writing from a more embodied place.As a Yoga teacher I knew that any encouragement would need to be both creative and also resonate with me holistically, whilst being practical too."
Colette Nolan, yoga teacher

"What these sessions offer me is spaciousness to drop into myself, to drop into the treasures within, into my own being and I look back on all the words with fondness."


"I feel there’s a change in myself in that I can appreciate the writing as a moment in time that didn’t need to be a masterpiece, but it’s a snippet of a moment. And that’s very beautiful- I can see the layers, how I start with something that sounds almost practical and by the end of the session, the poetry of my being is there. Thank you Eva for creating such an amazing space that makes that possible."
Bayari Lou Beegan

I would love to welcome you to our Writing from the Body Community!


Book your spot on this 12-week programme now

(payment plans available)

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