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write deeply in community

4-week online groups-
Tuesdays 10-12noon BST


4- week group
starting date and to book   

Would you like to give yourself some precious space to write- and do this in community?

Come join us for our WILD WRITE Mornings 4-week group and write deeply in community!

WILD WRITE groups have been popular since we started in April 2020 - we wrote together in community through the long weeks of lockdown and been writing ever since.
Facilitated by author and coach Eva Weaver, WILD WRITE groups have been described as: 'powerfully potent and focused, yet so simple,' 'a powerful writer’s cocoon ...' 'a cauldron for creativity', ' a balm for the soul and a strong community'...

You are welcome here, whether you consider yourself as a writer or not.

All you need to bring is a desire to write- anything!
Write your heart out, put pen to paper and see what happens.

Ponder, scribble, compose… Pick up the shelved idea,

give yourself breathing space, or make space for that novel idea that has been niggling you for a while.

Whatever you would like to write, I invite you to join me and a group of fellow scribblers for our weekly online writing meetups:

Once more,
you do not need to see yourself as a writer to join.
You can write whatever you like in these sessions.

Here are some examples of things that participants have worked on in Wild Write groups:

* free-writing/stream of consciousness writing,
* journaling
* chapters for a novel
* poetry 
* website content 
* editing of stories 
* testimonials
* difficult, long overdue emails 
* letters (letter to myself, letter to my headache’ ,letter to a future self, thank you letter)
* essays
* plays 
* short stories
* course and job applications
* outline and structure of a novel
* reviews
* transcription of interviews
* translation of lyrics
* content for a public talk

I am asking that you commit to all four sessions,  if possible at all.


About writing in Community

Being in community is a vital part of the

Wild Write experience.

Supportive communities nourish and support us.
Many writers suffer from a sense of isolation and, contrary to the myth of the lonely writer, Wild Write will show you that powerful, deep and original writing can absolutely happen in community.

For this reason, Wild Writes are kept to an intimate group of 12 companions.


Community creates camaraderie and accountability, which in turn supports us when we work on our own. In this powerful cauldron we learn from one another and experience that we are not alone, but part of a rich fabric of fellow writers, all on their journey as embodied, creative beings. 

I would love to welcome you to our WILD WRITE Community!

About Community

‘A gift to myself and a gift from others. A space to feel others around me. helps me focus and give this time to myself. Connecting across distances.

Feeling held and less alone.’ Al Head

  • You want to write, but find it hard to write on your own or make time for writing. 

  • You struggle with writer's block, procrastination, over-thinking and would like to get to your writing.

  • You would like to cultivate a regular writing practice. 

  • You would like or welcome being encouraged on your writing journey and sharing with a group of like-minded people

  • You want to learn more about your writing process, how you can get regularly to your projects, and how this can be fun

‘This is a wonderful venture by Eva Weaver.
The sense of community is strong, Eva is a kind and wise facilitator, who somehow manages to tease out our creativity and help our prose and true selves shine!
I’ve surprised myself producing two pieces of writing that just came out of being in this fine group.
I have also harnessed the group energy to write difficult emails, or notes to myself that I hadn’t gotten round to.Really you can work with this space how you feel – it’s a subtle, alchemical writing pot.’ Bayari Lou Beegan


Book your place with buttons below!   Tuesday Mornings 10-12noon UK time (BST)

Why Join?

Write your heart out, put pen to paper and see what happens.
Ponder, scribble, compose…
Pick up the shelved idea, give yourself breathing space, or make space for that novel idea that has been niggling you for a while.
Wherever you come from in your desire to write, I invite you to a series of Wild Write meetups .

Join me and a group of fellow scribblers for a weekly online writing meetup: WILD WRITE meetups.
A group space where we will actually get some writing done!

We will meet on Zoom at an regular time weekly, Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoon, with a structure that looks roughly like this:

Bring a drink and whatever you need to write and be comfortable.
We will briefly check in to say what we are writing on, or planning to write or hoping to, then we will dive right in and with no further ado do some writing.
I’ll set the timer and we write for 30 min, then take a little break to briefly check in on how it’s going for everybody, and then go in for another 45 min writing stint. We’ll finish with a check out and wrap up.


There will be no sharing, feedback or critiquing of the content of the work, BUT a lot of actual writing gets done this way as we are all holding each other in a concentrated, supportive field.

If there is interest to share some of the writing, we can think of where and how we could do this at a different place/time.
Towards the end of each session I am happy to address questions about the writing process, obstacles etc and refer to resources.

You can write whatever you like in these sessions! Website content, poetry, free-writing, screen play, stories, letters, essays......

‘I highly recommend  Wild Writing with Eva…

the space created is powerfully potent and focused, yet so simple.

I decided to start on something that seemed impossible, overwhelming. And I did it! Amazing and so grateful. ‘

Kimaya Crolla-Younger

‘Eva has created a powerful writer’s cocoon with her wild writing sessions. I have found the holding of the event fully support a dive into my creativity and writing. I’s very simple yet very powerful to create and write alongside other people. Thank you Eva for giving me this time and space.’ Trevor
What is it?
How does it work ?
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