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Embodiment & Eros

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Embodiment, pleasure & sex are important!

Eros is out life force energy & birthright! 


Are you ready to release what no longer serves you

and get to know yourself again-or for the first time-

as the gorgeous, erotic and sexual being you are?

Check out my powerful new 12-week Back to Sex group programme starting on 27th of April 

So, embodiment....being present, breathing and alive in our bodies..

But what does it even mean to be 'embodied' ?
How we can get back home and connect with our bodies?
For many of us it's not easy to be embodied- to live fully in our bodies- for many different reason such as body-shame, dysphoria, trauma. 


I work in a holistic and trauma informed way to guide you to feel more embodied and in touch with your sensuality and eros.

There are several ways we can work together:


* a powerful new 12-Week online Back to Sex group

programme-begins 27th of April! 

* 5-months one-to one Back to Sex Coaching
deep dive- 
in-person or online

* Back to Sex Immersion at Phoenix Nest near Brighton

UK, in-person- can include bodywork

* Sexological Bodywork & Somatic Sex Education
one to one session bundle


FOR my 5- months BACK TO SEX COACHING Deep Dive please keep scrolling

Back to Sex Coaching- 
a five-months deep dive for women  non-binary, & genderqueer folks,  online or in-person

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This five months deep dive is individually tailored to your needs.
Session can include elements of somatic- & creative exercises, breathwork, coaching exercises, including self-pleasure coaching as well as practical information and resources to support you on your journey.


I offer a safely held, sex-positive space in which you can explore your  unique erotic and sexual self.
I identify as queer, am experienced in conscious kink and embrace alternative styles of relating.

This programme is for women, non-binary and genderqueer folks. Trans women are warmly welcome as well as non binary people, male or female assigned at birth. 

Back to Sex-Coaching sessions are 1.5 hours and usually include no hands on bodywork.
However, if wished, extra sexological bodywork sessions can be built into the programme as an addition at a reduced fee.


Coaching is in person in my beautiful cabin in Saltdean near Brighton or worldwide via zoom (or a combination of both).
Contact me at  for any question

Interested? Arrange a free Discovery Session HERE 

What you can expect:

These are some of the areas I can assist you through Back to Sex Coaching:

  • overcoming sexual shame and guilt

  • feeling more embodied, confident and present in your body

  • open up to more pleasure in your life

  • build sexual confidence and self acceptance

  • low libido and/or arousal

  • becoming orgasmic or more orgasmic

  • learn about the anatomy of arousal

  • explore boundaries and consent

  • improve communication with your partner(s), transcend your routine, and strengthen your sexual connection with yourself and others;


This way of coaching engages the whole of your being: body, mind, spirit & soul. Creativity too.

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To get 'Back to Sex’ can mean many different things, such as:

  • reconnecting with your sexuality and erotic self after not having been sexual for various reasons such as illness, sexual assault or other trauma, bereavement, incompatibility with sexual partner(s), body dysphoria or body shame, stress, low confidence, feelings of shame or guilt

  • committing to giving your sexuality attention when sex has been an under-developed or neglected part of your life

  • regaining sexual confidence after big life changes such as menopause, death of a partner, relationship break-up, gender re-assignment or change in sexual orientation and many others

  • getting to know yourself sexually and becoming unstuck- tackling inner and outer obstacles

  • reclaiming your sexual voice: owning your sexual and erotic desires, wants and needs and taking committed steps to get them met. 

Check out my conversation with Ali Hendry on Diva Magazine here (click on pic) 
about BACK to SEX

What you will receive with Back to Sex COACHING:

* one free discovery session to see whether this is for you;

* one
2-hour initial session to dive deep, plan, set intentions, orient and get you started on your journey; 

* followed by 8 X  1.5  one-hour coaching sessions via zoom or in person- roughly spaced out every two weeks;

* we end with one 1.5 hour session to review, celebrate and explore ‘what now’?

* you will have
light whattsapp or email access to me in between sessions to check in, to support accountability and for me to cheer you on!  

* you will receive 
resources, book lists etc. on sexuality, body positivity, anatomy of arousal, erotica etc.

* you have access to a
teaching portal on Teachable with a broad variety of resources. You can download them and keep them forever.

* Sessions can also be in person in my beautiful cabin/temple in Saltdean near Brighton.


You can can also book include additional bodywork sessions which can be integrated into the work (extra fees apply) 

INTERESTED? LET’S CHAT! Book HERE for a free Discovery session.

Cost: £2222 for the 5-months programme

payment plans available, please enquire

I would love to support you on your journey!



and check out my backtosex website HERE 


‘ I was drawn to doing this work as I had experienced sexual abuse and trauma and felt a need to understand what had happened to me and to begin the healing process. I also wanted to reclaim my sexuality and understand my boundaries, feel empowered and learn about consent.

This work has given me a voice, helped me understand consent and how to verbalise my boundaries, dispel the myths I held about sex and old conditioning and to learn how to navigate new relationships. I experienced deep healing from feelings of abandonment, rejection and sexual trauma, learned how to connect with my own sexual energy and deeply honour myself.’   S.

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'Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.' W.H. Murray

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Embodiment & Eros Offers


5-months Back to Sex Coaching 

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I found the Rebirthing breathwork very moving & effective for me.
I particularly appreciated the safe space that was created for this exploration.’



‘I have moved forward in so many ways and you have been a big help in that. I feel, what you have enabled me to do is gradually be more explorative with my sexuality and sex in general at this moment in time, with more work to do.’ 

IM Back to Sex Client 

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'This work has given me a voice, helped me understand consent and how to verbalise my boundaries, dispel the myths I held about sex and old conditioning and to learn how to navigate new relationships.
I experienced deep healing from feelings of abandonment, rejection and sexual trauma, learned how to connect with my own sexual energy and deeply honour myself.’ 

SL about Back to Sex Coaching 

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