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Back to Sex Immersions
at Phoenix Nest

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All one to one Back to Sex Immersions are bespoke and made to fit your needs and wishes. They include:

  • Coaching session(s), bodywork/massage sessions.

  • Breathwork and/or bespoke ritual/ ceremony can be added for an extra cost.

  • Also, if you would like to stay on for an extra night, this can be arranged.

  • Phoenix Nest is a beautiful space to dream, vision, and heal.

This immersion might be a beautiful option for you if you:

  • want to give yourself space to dive deep into the realm of your erotic life and sexuality.

  • have worked with me with a 3-months programme and would like to include some bodywork and deepen and integrate the teachings.

  • would like a nurturing environment to explore how you can reconnect with your creative and erotic life and feel more alive.

  • want to feel nourish and held in a beautiful environment while you dive deep into your inner life and sexuality

  • Have you lost your erotic or creative spark, feel resigned or burnt out & want to ignite your life again?


You are welcome here to address, embrace & celebrate all aspects of yourself that make for a fulfilled life, like connecting deeply with the wisdom of your body, your creative expression and eros. 

Whenever we focus on one area, such as on your writing, your journey back to sex, or  a ritual to mark a transition in your life, we always keep in mind the wholeness of who you are, what might not longer serve you, and what else is important in your life.

These potent coaching programmes are offered in person, online or as bespoke retreats & immersions at Eva’s beautiful Phoenix Nest Retreat near Brighton, UK. 

Do you want to find out more? BOOK A FREE DISCOVERY CALL HERE!

How we can work together.... See below for offers. 

I look forward to connecting with you! 

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'Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.' W.H. Murray

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***NEW! **
Mid-week non-residential Immersions


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What is Back to Sex?

Benefits of a Back to Sex immersion can include:

  • feeling held and supported to experience pleasure and address challenges in your sexual life

  • aliveness, erotic empowerment and agency

  • feeling supported to look at difficult patterns that prevent you from experience (more) pleasure

  • deeper connection with your body/ stronger embodiment, grounding

  • experience of receiving, exploring pleasure and arousal in a safe environment

  • reconnecting with erotic feelings, arousal and pleasure

  • receiving bodywork that can feel deeply relaxing & nourishing

  • reconnecting with and expanding your orgasmic potential

  • plenty of opportunity to integrate the bodywork experiences during your three day/two night stay


These are some of the areas we might explore during your immersion: 

  • how to feel more embodied, confident and present in your body

  • open up to and connecting with more pleasure in your life

  • build sexual confidence and self acceptance and overcome shame or guilt

  • low libido and/or arousal

  • demystifying ideas and beliefs around orgasm 

  • learn about the anatomy of arousal

  • explore boundaries and consent

  • improve communication around expressing your needs and wants


How Does it Work?

We first arrange a DISCOVERY CALL. You can book yours HERE.

Then, if you feel an immersion is for you, you can either pay in full or a deposit and we decide together on a date for your immersion.
Closer to the time, we arrange a
first zoom coaching session. In this hour-long session, we will dive more deeply into what you would like from your immersion, how it might look like, what, if any, bodywork you would like etc.

You might also set an intention for the immersion- this can be for healing, pleasure, clearing, honouring, joy, aliveness, acknowledging yourself as a sexual being, marking a particular transition in your life, being nourished- or anything else.

We will also have time to look at any practicalities and answer any questions you might have. I might suggest some journalling prompts in preparation for your immersion or some reading- all of this is of course a suggestion only.


  • Pre-retreat zoom coaching session

  • Two hour combined coaching and bodywork session

  • Second bodywork session (usually 1.5 hours and you can rest in the temple/cabin afterwards)

  • Check out coaching session

  • Two nights accommodation

  • All delicious meals included (2X breakfast, 2X lunch, 2X dinner)


To book a Discovery session for a Back to Sex Immersion at Phoenix Nest, please click HERE
Or for any questions, please email me:

A Note on Bodywork

As part of your Back to Sex Immersion you can have two bodywork sessions. Those take place in my beautiful cabin temple at the bottom of my garden.

The most important is that we build a foundation of safety and trust. Before any bodywork, we will talk about any boundaries in regards to touch and your body. The massage can, but doesn’t have to include genital touch.

In this process, I am in service to, and guided by you; I encourage you to listen deeply to your body, your wishes, desires and subtle impulses. We do not often get a chance to direct another’s touch exactly to our needs. Here you are in complete choice in every moment and you are invited to guide me specifically on the quality of the touch, where and how you like to be touched: firmer, lighter, slower etc. It is space where you can experience receiving without any pressure to reciprocate.

We can explore and talk about what kind of bodywork you would like- this could be an Erotic Awakening massage, Genital Healing massage, Genital Mapping or other see below.

  • Scar Tissue Remediation; (more info HERE)

  • Pleasure Mapping and Genital Mapping;

  • Erotic Massage;

  • External/ Rosebud massage and internal anal mapping and massage;

  • Genital healing massage; (more info HERE)

  • Erotic Awakening massage (Taoist Massage- more info HERE)


An Example Day - two/three night
Back to Sex Immersion


Day 1:

  • Arrival in the afternoon from 3pm.

  • Orientation and settling in at Phoenix Nest and surrounding.

  • Around 5pm coaching and – if wished- first bodywork session

  • Dinner around 7pm

  • Chilling out


Day 2:

  • Breakfast (you help yourself from buffet)

  • Bodywork session around 10am or in the afternoon

  • Lunch around 1pm

  • Free time for walks, journalling, nap, walk, sea-dip or swim

  • Dinner 7pm

  • Chilling out, there is the possibility to have a sauna

Day 3:

  • Breakfast

  • Check out coaching session- including visioning- where to go from here.

  • Lunch about 1.30

  • Leave afternoon by 3pm.

I have some flexibility with timings around lunch and dinner and can accommodate special food requirements.
Also, additional  breathwork, massage or coaching session can be added at extra cost.



I have several spaces for accommodation:

  1. ‘Octopus’–downstairs in the house, bedroom 1, southern facing, cosy- small double bed, desk.

  2. ‘Mermaid’ – upstairs in the house, bedroom 2- also southern facing, light, large double bed, desk

  3. In the summer my Writing Cabin in the garden is also available. 

Bodywork will take place in the Temple/Cabin at the bottom of the garden. It is a large wood cabin with log burner and surrounded by a lush garden and beautiful views.


There is a lovely spacious living room, decking and spaces in the garden to sit and a sauna you can use.

You can help yourself to breakfast and we will have lunch and dinner together (unless otherwise wished). Food is usually home cooked vegetarian, and I cater for food intolerances and special requirements


PRICE From January 2022 until July 2022
* Back to Sex and Rites of passage immersions are £888

From August 2022
*Back to Sex & Rites of Passage immersions £1111

I look forward to welcoming you at Phoenix Nest for your Back to Sex Immersion!


*NEW* Join us for a one to one Winter Writing Retreat
at Phoenix Nest!  

"Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to dive deep into my writing these past

few days. I've written more in these two and a half 

days than I ever have before.

Your food is incredible, your flexibility as a hostess and the lovely mermaid room contributed to a meaningful and prolific time here. ' 
Sian Johnson,  Somatic Sex Therapist


About Back to Sex  Immersions at Phoenix Nest

WELCOME to Phoenix Nest!



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Ritual Fire Play

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"You have truly created a powerful alchemical container of rebirth with Phoenix Nest that holds one in that transformation."

Isik Tlabar, Transformational Coach


What people say about Writing Retreats ...

Kimaya Crolla-Younger, Therapist

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"Our sexuality is not only something that can be used for the enhancement of an intimate relationship, for physical pleasure and procreation. It can also be used for personal transformation, physical and emotional healing, self realisation and spiritual growth, and as a way to learn all of life and death."

Annie Sprinkle about the Erotic Awakening massage

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