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Back to Sex-
Reclaim the Joy of your Sexuality

a new 12-week online programme 

for women, non-binary & genderqueer folks  

starts 27th of April 2023

 online Thursdays 6.30-8.30pm UK time 


Are you ready to release what no longer serves you and get to know yourself again-or for the first time-as the gorgeous,

erotic sexual being you are?

Come join me on this powerful 12-week Back to Sex programme!

WHEN: Thursday evenings 6.30-8.30pm UK time from 27th of April 2023 (after Easter break) . 
For time converter click HERE

WHERE: Online, Zoom

WHAT: Back to Sex is an innovative, powerful programme that will teach you potent tools to help you reclaim your sexuality, dissolve & release challenges & give you the Sex-ed you never had- all in a juicy, supportive container of a small group of fellow explorers.

WHO: Eva Weaver is an author, sex-coach, sexological bodyworker & somatic sex educator and creative embodiment coach.

WHY: Because sex is important! It's our birthright & the most potent life force!


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Want to learn about this 12-week course in more detail?

Register for a free/donation Intro session-

choose from one of the dates: 9th & 23rd of February, 2nd & 23rd of March  or 6th of April 
register HERE 

  • This innovative 12-week programme offers powerful tools to help you to reconnect with your sexuality and erotic self- however long it has been. 

  • Back to Sex meets you with where you are at this moment in your life and on your journey with sexuality.
    It is not only about having sex again-or for the first time-with yourself and others, but understanding that your sexuality is vast, so much bigger than a single sexual act. Humour, creativity, working with creative tools towards your goals and finding your own pace and what's doable for you, are all part of the journey.


  • We will work with self enquiry, somatic exercises, group sharing and creative tools such as free-writing, movement, breathwork and inner journeys, rituals & ceremony.

  • You will get the sex ed you might have never had, uncover limiting beliefs, tackle obstacles, reconnect with your erotic energy and get to know yourself as the gorgeous erotic, sexual being you are. ​

  • You will be encouraged to give yourself permission to talk about sex, bust and release areas of shame and myths about sex that no longer serve you, find a voice for your wishes and desires and make gentle and real steps to reconnect with and reclaim your sexuality. 

  • Back to Sex also offers exciting ways to investigate and express aspects of identity: gender, sexuality, race &culture, to support healing and resilience and to find an empowered voice. 

  • The Back to Sex programme can also be a supportive and bonding experience with a group of fellow explorers. In camaraderie, Community and solidarity, we counter isolation and celebrate one another. 

Back to Sex is a potent 12-week coaching programme.


There are many reasons why people have given up on sex, sometimes for a very long time. But sex is important, our birthright and a powerful life force. 


  • Are you feeling starved for touch or uncomfortable to be touched? 

  • Do you find it difficult to know what you want sexually or to ask for it? 

  • Do you feel trapped in situations in which you feel you cannot live your sexuality?

  • Do you find it difficult to accept and love your body and experience yourself as an erotic, sexual being?

  • Have you experienced circumstances that made you close down sexually and you wonder who you are now as an erotic being and how to re-connect with your sexuality again? 


If any of this resonates, I invite you to join me on a journey BACK TO SEX: reconnect with pleasure, desire & confidence and reclaim the joy of your sexuality!

Guiding you deep into the body, you will learn  powerful tools that you can use in your everyday life to connect with your unique erotic energy.

Whether you feel disheartened, hopeless, disconnected or broken, there is always a way forward. 

It takes courage to look at obstacles to pleasure and a fulfilled sexuality, but no difficulty is insurmountable. 

Through deep inner listening, breathwork, exercises in nervous system regulation, movement, and many others tools.

You will look at cultural and personal myths and learn to listen to the voice and wisdom of your body.


When we foster ways to connect with the body - compassionately and in consistent, doable steps - and listen to what it has to tell us, we can tap into the huge reservoir of resources, stories, wisdom, strength & resilience that the body truly is.

The course is limited to an intimate group of 10 participants so we can dive deep and you will have plenty of support. 

I would love you to join us on this transformative journey! 

Have more questions? Read on, visit the Q&A section

or join me on one of the free intro sessions.

Watch as Ali Hendry and I chat about Back to Sex (click on pic)





What is it?
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Book your spot on this 12-week programme now

(payment plans available)

Women, NB & genderqueer folks of all sexual orientations & relationship styles who would like to reclaim the joy of their sexuality.

 Trans women, non binary & genderqueer folks  incl. assigned male at birth,  are warmly welcome. 

Some reasons you might join Back to Sex:

  •  You want to reconnect with your sexuality after illness, trauma, bereavement, breakup, incompatibility with sexual partner(s) or other reasons

  •  You want to feel safe and at home in your body again- or for the first time 

  • You want to regain sexual confidence after big life changes such as menopause, death of a partner, relationship break-up, change in sexual orientation, gender re-assignment and others circumstances

  •  you want to address specific issues such as pain during sex, difficulty to orgasm, numbness or hypersensitivity, lack of libido, shame etc.

  • you want to uncover and release limiting beliefs about sex

  • you would like to learn more about consent and explore setting healthy boundaries 

  •  you want to find your authentic, empowered sexual voice, learn about your desires and needs and take committed steps to get them met

  • You are looking for greater sexual well-being through self-expression & being more embodied

  • You are drawn to working within a group, while in your own home space

 Is this for me?

Back to Sex can be an excellent programme if you....  

  • have you lost interest in sex or have no or low libido or desire

  • are starved for touch or being touched makes you feel uncomfortable

  • you find it difficult to ask for what you want sexually and know your boundaries

  • you find it hard to accept and love your body including your genitals

  • you struggle with low confidence, guilt or shame around sex and/or your genitals

  • you experience pain during sex, numbness or difficulty to orgasm

  •  you encountered circumstances that made you close down sexually

  • find it difficult to experience pleasure and yourself as an erotic, sexual being 

  • you wonder how to ever get sex back into your life, especially if it's been a while


Who is Eva Weaver?

I am a queer writer, sex-coach and sexological bodyworker. I have been involved in the area of self development, conscious sexuality & kink for many years and I believe passionately in our birthright to a unique expression of our sexuality and creativity. 

I am a graduate of Barbara Carrellas’s Urban Tantra® professional training and have also worked with various other practitioners of conscious sexuality such as Betty Martin (Wheel of Consent), Caffyn Jesse (Somatic Sex Education & Sexological Bodywork) , Seani Love (conscious kink) and others. 

I am passionate about supporting people who feel disconnected from their sexuality for whatever reason, to find ways to reclaim the joy of their sexuality and feel empowered and alive again, using coaching, bodywork and creative tools.

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My varied professional- and life experiences have inspired many of the tools of this this course, such as my work as an art therapist in the area of adult mental health and my experiences as a breathwork facilitator, sex coach and sexological bodyworker.  

Shamanism, tantra and transformational empowerment practices such as firewalking also informs my work and I bring my heart, passion and wisdom from my own healing journey to this unique 12-week programme. 

I have written creatively most of my life, including two published historic novels. I am currently working on an erotic novel and a poetry collection. 

The magic that can unfold in groups brings me so much joy and I have facilitated groups in the area of self development & therapy for the past 30 years. 
You can read more about my trainings & work here.


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Who is it for?
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Want to learn about this course ?

Register for a free/donation Intro to the Back to Sex programme - choose from one of the dates: 

9th & 23rd of February, 2nd & 23rd of March  or 6th of April 

  • The cost for the 12-week Back to Sex programme is £888
    This includes:
    12x 2-hour live zoom calls
    * all extensive course material- accessible on Teachable portal- you can download it and keep it forever!
    * two X1 hour coaching sessions with Eva
    - you can take the first time anytime before or during the course and the second up to one month after the course ends. 

    You can book your place with a non-refundable but course-transferable £222 deposit. Up to 5-months payment plans and one subsidised place are available. Contact me or register for the free/donation introduction to discuss pricing.

  • Each of the 12, weekly 2-hour online live sessions, is self contained and introduces specific themes. All sessions will be recorded, so if you miss a session you can catch up in your own time and you will be sent video recordings after each session, which you can download and keep forever. 

  • You will receive handouts, the ‘Back to Sex Handbook’ and videos in addition to the live sessions. These complement the programme, but are not a pre-requisite to watch or read before in order to fully participate in the live sessions. This means, if you have only time to show up for the live session you still get the full benefit! 

  • The 12-week programme includes two personal one hour coaching session with Eva. You can take this anytime during the course and up to one month afterwards and use it however you like, such as to talk about a specific issue relating to sex or about what has come up for you in the course. 

  • The course is trauma informed– you will be encouraged to feel into what is doable for you and go at your own pace, exploring your personal edge and exploring in the ‘learning zone’. 
    The exercises can be adapted to different abilities and to any life situation. I encourage you to play with the tools, practices and exercises and make them your own. However, if you suffer from active PTSD or are aware of sexual trauma and have not worked on it before, the course might not be suitable for you at this point. If you are unsure, please get in touch:

  • You will be offered homework/play in between sessions. It’s completely up to you whether you would like to engage with it. If you like, you can pair up or join a small ally/accountability group that can check in in between sessions.

  • You have access to a private Facebook group throughout the programme and a Back to Sex Community group afterwards.

  • We do this work in an intimate group of 10 participants, which allows plenty of space for each participant. In the community of fellow explorers.

  • I believe that creativity can assist us well in our embodied enquiries and so I also offer creative choices such as free-writing, writing from prompts, creating body maps, ritual & ceremony, drawing etc. in sessions.

  • You can book extra online or in-person Coaching Sessions or Sexological Bodywork session with Eva parallel to the course at a reduced rate- please email and inquire. 
    For more info on Sexological Bodywork see HERE 


‘The more whole we are as sexual beings, 

the more fulfilled we are as human beings. Amy Jo Goddard

WHY EXPLORE Back to Sex in Community? 

Being in community and sharing with others is an important part of the Back to Sex- experience.

Community creates camaraderie and accountability, which supports us throughout the journey.

In this powerful cauldron we learn from one another and experience that we are not alone, but part of a rich fabric of creative, sexy beings.

Working in a group can help lessen isolation and foster a sense of belonging and hope. We can be supportive mirrors for one other, reflecting different aspects and facets of one another, pooling ideas, resources and finding creative ways of addressing obstacles.

The Back to Sex-programme is kept to an intimate group of up to 10 companions.
You will have a private Facebook group throughout and after the course and the opportunity to link up with one other or two as accountability buddies.

I would truly love to welcome you to the Back to Sex Community of this speak to you!

You can read more about 'Back to Sex' in an interview with Eric Maisel in 'Psychology Today' HERE

How does it work?

Book your spot on this 12-week programme now with a deposit or full payment

(up to 5-months payment plans available)

For Terms & Conditions see HERE  

Each module is one 2-hour live zoom session each week plus optional activities in-between.

Session detail is subject to change

Course outline
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Want to discuss the course in more detail?

Register for a FREE Intro to the 12-week Back to Sex Programme 

9th & 23rd of February, 2nd & 23rd of March  or 6th of April 

"Eva provides a calm and gentle space in which to explore sex and sexuality.

Highly recommended if you are nervous but curious about getting to know yourself more as a sexual being.

"Eva works in an incredibly supportive manner employing powerful techniques to provide a safe space for deep exploration. She also does it with a light touch, sensitivity and compassion. I felt a new experience with my sexuality. Thank you for a life affirming experience! " Jon Stein, aka Pricilla 

"This course was a great discovery for me: to understand that I have carried guilt, shame and taken responsibility for everyone around me. I have learnt that I can take back my own sexual power which came as a huge relief! 

‘I highly recommend Eva’s Back to Sex course.I t has enabled me for the first time in my life to understand myself. I have been able to reclaim my sexual energy and feel empowered and excited about the future. Thank you so much, Eva."


"Eva is a sensitive and skilled facilitator guiding the group gently towards some challenging stuff without it ever feeling chaotic- I totally recommend this work." 

" I have completed a 'Back to Sex' course with Eva and then continued with individual coaching sessions. 

I was drawn to doing this work as I had experienced sexual abuse and trauma and felt a need to understand what had happened to me and to begin the healing process.

I also wanted to reclaim my sexuality and understand my boundaries, empower myself and learn about consent.

This work has given me a voice, helped me understand consent and how to verbalise my boundaries, dispel the myths I held about sex and old conditioning and learn how to navigate new relationships.


I experienced deep healing from trauma and feelings of abandonment and rejection and I learned how to connect with my own sexual energy and deeply honour myself. Thank you."  PL

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Erotic Awakening picture-page-001.jpg

" I can sum up this course as the shedding of a skin, a raw and vulnerable energy emerging from a disconnection between head, heart & our lower body. 

I absolutely loved the weekly process. Eva is a wonderful, sage & loving facilitator with a lot of natural wisdom. Thank you." 

"This course is so needed! Thank you for holding the space and giving me more tools to explore myself on this journey of mine. The journey back to sex is full of so many things: insights, love, reflections and aha moments."

"It was so good to be able to explore collectively, playfully and seriously issues that are rarely discussed or shared. To go deep into one's mind, body and heart in a positive environment ."



"This course and the compassion within the group, has guided a deep understanding and acceptance of my sexual nature. It has been a deep, sometimes difficult, joyful reconnection and understanding what sex means to me."A

"Eva's course has given me more than I knew I even needed. Each evening was lovingly and safely guided by Eva- for all my resistance I knew I just had to keep coming back, and it’s been immeasurably worth it for me.  

The group provided a safe, loving space, where each individual offered up a facet of myself to explore- fascinating work. 

Each exercise gave me new tools and helped me towards new realisations, new ways of seeing, new insights. If the course calls to you in any way, I say just give it a go!  " K

"Eva has a great understanding of life and sex. She used this breadth of knowledge to help me to take action to improve my life both generally and sexually. " 

"I highly recommend working with Eva. She is a genuinely warm and caring soul who knows how to make you feel at ease. She is highly knowledgeable and uses a wide range of techniques. 

Eva helped me to understand myself better and enabled a safe environment in which I could start to heal my wounds around my sexuality."  ZM

"Eva's vast wisdom, skill and capacity to create a safe and accepting space made it possible for me to go deep into myself and heal. 

I have opened to the wisdom of my sexual self and it is a joyous power to behold! 

I feel like I have more of myself back now and feel in a good position to move forward in my life, not only sexually but in other areas too. 

I am so incredibly grateful for Eva and her important work in the world."

I would love to welcome you to our BACK TO SEX Community!


For Terms & Conditions
see HERE  

Book your spot on this 12-week programme now

(payment plans available)

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