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Performance Artist

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So, performance...

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Over the years I have worked with many excellent teachers in the field of self-development, conscious sexuality, tantra, conscious kink, writing & art- all of which helped me to reclaim pleasure, move beyond stuckness, shame and other obstacles and experience my eroticism and sexuality as a source of deep joy.

If you like to read more about my varied work, please read on:

Eva Weaver is an author and coach, based in Saltdean near Brighton, UK. She lives at ‘Phoenix Nest’, her beautiful home from which she runs small retreats and one to one immersions. Her interest and life’s work lies in the weaving of the creative, embodied and erotic. 

Eva is highly skilled in both the creative/ arts and the self-development and healing field . She has  been running workshop, courses and retreats for thirty years, both in the UK and internationally and worked individually with hundreds of clients. 

Eva has also navigated the world of writing and publishing for many years and in 2011 was offered a two-book deal with Weidenfeld & Nicholson, a renowned UK publisher. 

Her first novel, ‘The Puppet Boy of Warsaw’ (2013), a holocaust novel set in the Warsaw ghetto and in Siberia, has been translated into thirteen languages, including Chinese, Finnish, Polish and Catalan and has been rated with 4.2 out of 5 stars by over 3000 Goodreads readers.

Her second novel, ‘The Eye of the Reindeer’ is an epic historic novel set in Scandinavia about the Sami people.

Eva is currently writing a third novel 'The Upholsterer's Game' and is preparing her erotic poetry collection ‘Firewolf & Gazelle’ for publication. 

Eva was born in Stuttgart, Germany, and has been living in the UK since 1995. She started out as an art psychotherapist in the area of adult mental health, working in the NHS and privately for ten years, after which she set up a practice for breathwork, shamanic counselling and creativity coaching.

Parallel to this, she studied at Westminster University (MA in Art and Media Practice) and at Queen Mary University of London ( MA in Performance ). 

For ten years she created durational and site-specific solo-performances, touring nationally and internationally, including the National Review of Live Art, the biggest performance art platform in the UK.
Her work concerns issues of belonging, trauma, eros & the healing power of creative expression and ceremony.

Eva's  lifelong interest in embodiment, empowerment and the power of the erotic has led her to train as a breathwork practitioner (Rebirthing), Firewalk instructor,  Barbara Carrellas’s Urban Tantra and eventually, in 2017, as a sexological bodyworker and somatic sex educator.
With her ‘Back to Sex’-coaching programme she has since supported many clients on a deeply empowering journey into embodiment and to reclaim the joy of eros.  

Eva  has a particular interest in working with erotic archetypes and in conscious kink practices as healing tools and to make these tools accessible for clients.

With her ‘Writing from the Body’ courses, ‘Wild Write’ groups and individual ‘Wild Write coaching’ intensives, she has lead many budding writers to become confident in their writing, unblock and find their true, embodied & unique voice.

Eva brings her unique style of warmth, depth, humour, knowledge and compassion to all of her work, leading people on deep, empowering and transformative journeys. 

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'Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.' W.H. Murray



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The Bread of Those Years solo performance(2008)

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Isik Tlabar, Transformational Coach

What people said about my performances

Kimaya Crolla-Younger, Therapist

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SL about Back to Sex Coaching 

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