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Six Months Snake Medicine

Mentoring Programme

Welcome !

Embodying the Snake is a six months Mentoring Programme

for those called on the Snake Medicine path. 

Do you feel called to step deeply into the mysteries and power of the serpent? 

Has snake been calling you through dreams,  intuitions, visions or in shamanic journeys and you would like to explore the wisdom that serpent brings? 

I warmly invite you to this unique mentorship path with me!  


Serpent invites us to move from…

  • Trying to control others and circumstances, to dropping into deep trust

  • Overriding our instincts and over-working, to creating sustainable lives with more balance

  • Numbing out, to being present and deep noticing of what is

  • False shyness and hiding, into expressing yourself fully

  • Being cut off from sexual life force energy, to reclaiming our natural, beautiful sensuality and sexuality

Postcard Eva Weaver.png

EMBODYING THE SNAKE- is a unique, new Mentorship Programme for those called on the Snake Medicine Path. 

Snakes are creatures of the threshold often associated with initiation, transformation, healing, sexuality and sensuality and creativity.

As we learn to navigate the many challenges of our times and in our own lives, we can tune into the energy of snakes for guidance. 
Snake are masters of residing in the void, shedding their skins and creating themselves anew. 

Snake also has a lot to teach us about embodiment: connecting with love to our bodies, inhabiting our skin, deep listening, resting & nurturing embodied intuition...

Snake Medicine  helps us to:

The EMBODYING THE SNAKE MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME is an invitation to connect with serpent symbolism through embodied exercises, deep inner journeys, breathwork, free-writing, meditation and other embodied practices within the beautiful container of a supportive group.

Dive deeply into the programme and  series open to the wisdom of the snakes.

From these master teachers, we can learn how to shed old layers, outworn beliefs, patterns, trauma and ways of being:
Shed what does no longer serve you and receive the goodness that is aching to find you…”

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‘Now you are stirring,
you are moving underneath my skin,
a murmur rushing in on my breath, gathering momentum,
awakening yourself through my body and through loving mirrors around me'

from'Stirring', poem by Eva


What is the Mentorship Programme?

This Mentoring Programme is a six months deep dive into the world of Snake Medicine It is a tailor made blend of embodied practises, such as breathwork, gentle movement, inner journeys, snake medicine teachings, free-writing prompts,  group shares and other deliciousness.

What we might explore together:

The Journey of Transformation- the power of shedding the old
Through an embodied ritual you will have an opportunity symbolically shed old skins and move forward renewed. 

Aliveness and Cyclical Living- on right timing and good action
We explore the natural cycles and what we can learn from snakes: rest & digest, hibernating, shedding, hunting. Honouring our bodies, life stages and inner seasons.
Intuition, mystery & the snake as shamanic ally

We explore Intuition grounded in the body, how snakes appear in dreams and shamanic journeys, the symbolism of the ouroboros and the snake as a wise guide. 

 Tapping into natural sexual energy, connecting with Eros 
Sexuality and the snakes are intricately connected. We can explore who we can reclaim our sexuality and sensuality as powerful and natural. 
We can explore the energy of uncoiling and unbinding and the symbolism of Kundalini with an embodied meditation.

Embodying Power- setting healthy boundaries & facing our fears
Teachings from the rattle snake... snakes are known for their ability to set clear boundaries and defend themselves. This session we explore 
how snake can teach us about the importance of establishing healthy boundaries that are perceived and expressed in a deeply embodied way. 

Creativity, embodied life force & cycles of creation
We explore how snake appears in creation myths across the globe and how it can support our creative expression and natural cycles of creation. 

Healing- serpent supporting physical & mental wellbeing 
This week we explore how snake became to be the symbol of healing- the ancient Asklepian Temples where healing occurred through dreaming with snakes in the darl...

Cosmic snake: Snake as oracular ally, alchemical symbol & guide between earth & cosmos

Snake has been connected with spirituality for thousands of years. We explore Pythia, the snake priestess at the oracle of Delphi, how snake became to be a vital symbol of Alchemy and snake as bridge between the earth and cosmic realm.

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“Shed what no longer serves you,
and receive the goodness that is aching to find you…”

what is it?
What is it

Embodying the Snake' is for you if you...

* want to learn to live more cyclically and honour the seasons.

* want to face your fears learn to set good boundaries.

* want to connect, or reconnect, with your sexuality and sensuality

* find yourself at a significant time in your life, such as beginnings and endings of relationships, change of work, illness, menopause etc.

* like to live with more presence.

* want to lean into rest and the rhythms of life rather than stay in fixing & doing mode.

* Connect with your creativity, life force energy and ecstatic nature.

* like to discover what truly resources you.

* want to tap into the mystery of life and of your own, individual, spiritual  journey.

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What is included in the Mentorship Programme?

  • A unique opportunity to learn deeply from the wisdom of the snakes, the symbolism of the serpent my Royal Python Syd and to explore practical and effective ways to apply this to your life

  • Twelve 75 min long one to one mentoring sessions- two sessions per month. This can be in-person at Phoenix Nest, near Brighton or online

  • Access to online portal with lots of resources around Snake Medicine, including a beautiful 100- page Snake Medicine Guide book

  • Free access to my 8-week online EMBODYING THE SNAKE group programme, including eight live sessions

  • depending on your locality, either an in-person Rites of Passage ritual or an online ritual, including working with my Royal Python Syd

  • Connecting with my Royal Python Syd, either in person or via zoom

  • If wished, there is the possibility to explore snake medicine inspired bodywork and sacred kink tools, such as needle rituals, rope play and fire massage

  • whatsapp support during our mentoring period

  • the opportunity to review at the end and if wished, to continue the mentoring process

  • Many practical and effective tools you can apply in your life and work

  • The opportunity to reclaim or find your connection to the snakes and your unique snake medicine lineage

  • Monthly group calls with others in the Snake Medicine path- folks who are also in the mentoring programme or who have completed my Embodying Snake programme

    I bring myself, my wisdom and the fullness of my life-and work experience to this mentoring programme: over 30 years of working in the fields of therapy, self development, healing, coaching, somatics/ embodiment, spirituality, creativity and artistic expression, as well as over ten years of being immersed in the field of conscious sexuality, kink and snake medicine.

    I offer a deeply grounded, nourishing and compassionate approach and will also challenge you in areas I see where you are not fully expressed or aligned.
    My work is trauma informed and I work sensitively and in confidentiality with everything you bring to the sessions.

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  • This Mentorship is open to anyone called on the Snake Medicine path. If you are seriously interested in committing, please fill out the initial questionnaire HERE

  • Sessions are online or in person at Phoenix Nest, Saltdean

  • The mentorship  includes:

  •  all eight live zoom session,

  • access to an online portal with course material & resources

  •  all session recordings  

  • This course is for anyone who feels called to go on this deep journey of embodiment, reclamation, transformation&  renewal.

  • All genders, sexualities, ages (18+), abilities and backgrounds are welcome.

  • For any questions please email:
    You will receive more info and zoom link after booking. 


We can't wait to embark on this journey with you! 

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What's included?
What's inluded?

About Eva


Eva Weaver

Eva is a queer author, coach & bodyworker. Her lifelong interest in embodiment, creativity and the power of the erotic has led her to train as an art therapist, breathwork practitioner, Firewalk instructor and eventually as a sexological bodyworker.
Now, she is weaving the creative, embodied and erotic into powerful offerings, be it through Writing from the Body, Wild Write groups, Back to Sex coaching, or Snake Medicine Retreats.

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Screen Shot 2024-01-26 at 11.18.27.png

She is also in training with her beautiful Royal Python Syd, her snake companion of seven years and her late snake Myst, who still teaches from the beyond. Eva has been fascinated by snakes all of her life, especially exploring what the snake priestesses of ancient Greece can teach us now. She loves to breathe new life into this tradition whilst honouring this lineage.

Eva has been running workshop and retreats for thirty years, both in the UK and internationally. She brings her unique style of warmth, depth, humour, knowledge and compassion to all of her work, leading people on deep, empowering journeys.
She lives in Saltdean, near Brighton at Phoenix Nest, from which she runs one to one immersions and small retreats.  

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Special Guests
How it works
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Join me for this deep Mentorship Programme

I'd love to welcome you! 


Participant Snake Medicine retreat 2021


Such gentle, powerful holding ritual and teachings. 

Phoenix Nest is a magical, nurturing retreat.

I have greatly enjoyed entering into the mystery and transformation here.‘

Gemma Lock, Therapist & Artist ,participant ‘Enter the Mystery, Snake Medicine Retreat October 2021 

Untitled design.png

It was medicine for my soul and just what I needed. I got my sexy magic back! Thank you!

Lucy Rowett CSC CS ACS She/Her participant of Enter the Mystery, snake Medicine of our times 2021 

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