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Thoroughly recommended

01 February 2013

'The Puppet Boy of Warsaw' tells a story that has it's beginnings in the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw and tells of the horrors of the Holocaust and the effect on the central character. The story of his actions during the war years and the impact they made on other lives right up to the present day is a compelling read. Weaver has written a well researched, heart wrenching story of survival against all odds. This is a book that you can't put down!

Hannah A

A brilliant, thoughtful and engaging read!

17 January 2013

This was a beautifully written story which I found hard to put down. Although the book deals with the horrific subject matter of the Holocaust and World War 2 it is done so in a sensitive way, focusing on the strong relationships between characters and their human kindness. Weaver's imaginative writing draws you straight back into this time and her characters are so engaging that it is easy to forge an emotional connection to them.

This story will capture your heart from start to finish and I would highly recommend it!

A Upton

Location:Surrey   Age:46

Thought provoking, great book!

12 January 2013

I really enjoyed reading this book, it is a very gripping story, the sort you can't put down until the end is reached! Although the book does depict events of the holocaust, it is a more a story of human determination, courage and bravery. The book is mainly based around the life of one person, there are some sad moments, but it is also very thought provoking.

Although the times depicted in the book are awful, I liked the way that the book showed how the people made the best of what they had and went out of their way to bring joy to the lives of others. I would definitely recommend that you read this book, you won’t be disappointed!