Writing from the Body


Writing from the Body- a creative writing workshop with Eva Weaver 

Sunday 21st of May 2017

Brighton, place tbc

10-5pm £80, some concessions

‘Write your self. Your body must be heard.’ Helen Cixous

Our bodies hold stories and memories- everything we have ever experienced, thought or felt lives in our blood, our bones, muscles, cells, our very DNA.

But how do we write from the body?

How do we tap into the rich ground that is our body for inspiration and authentic,

original writing? 

How can we write from our whole body not only from our brain?

In this workshop we will consciously tune into our bodies, using movement, breathwork, stretching, yoga and sensing exercises to cultivate embodied writing. 

We will listen deeply to the stories our bodies hold, move effortlessly between movement and the page and back.

We will play with automatic/ stream of consciousness writing, prompts and themed writing. 

No experience in creative writing, movement or dance necessary, only a willingness to experiment. 

For enquiries and bookings : evaweaver@talk21.com